Trauma Counseling

Trauma Counseling Sessions

Approach Me to Get a Supportive Trauma Counseling

It's known that many people suffer from trauma due to the past or recent events. If you, your friends or your relatives are presently undergoing a traumatic experience, call Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC.

I will conduct effective counseling sessions for your trauma problems through consultation and diagnoses. I also create a treatment around PTSD, panic and anxiety attack, and any other mental health issues related to traumatization.
Trauma Counseling

Check Out the Common Symptoms of Trauma

  • High prevalence of nightmares and flashbacks
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Poor anger management
  • High alertness
  • Low concentration ability
  • Lack of social connectedness
  • Increased isolation
  • Substance abuse
Call me to schedule your trauma counseling session today!
Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC is an NYS OASAS-certified, and certified for DWI and DUI evaluations by the State of New York.
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