Depression and Anxiety

Patient-Focused Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Learn Good Coping Skills for Your Anxiety

At Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC, I can help you develop coping skills for your depression and anxiety. During our initial session, I will conduct a psychological and historical assessment of your depression or anxiety, so I can create a DSM treatment program. I can also refer you to area psychiatrists to help determine if medication will be necessary for your treatment.

The behaviors caused by your depression or anxiety may lead to isolation. By using therapies that focus on an inner and outer approach, we can explore the subconscious thoughts that have led to your depression and anxiety, and change the behaviors that result from these thoughts and feelings.
Anxiety Counseling

Focus on Relapse Prevention Strategies

By using a psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy approach, I can help you develop new ways to alleviate your suffering while still addressing the underlying causes of your anxiety and depression.

Stop living with the pain and fear that depression can cause. Contact me today to schedule an appointment and to begin your treatment.
Relief from your depression and anxiety is possible.
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I utilize state-of-the-art treatment theories for all of my practice areas.
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