Comprehensive Counseling and Therapy Sessions for
Your Holistic Mental Health Improvement

Joseph Lanzone Is a NYS OASAS-Certified Psychotherapist

Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling

Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC can provide you with the support you need to cope with and overcome your addiction issues.

In my many years as an addiction specialist and psychotherapist, I have received extensive training in a variety of modalities, lectured at Fordham University, and provided clinical supervision for private clinicians.

I have also helped my patients discover the benefits of knowing a higher power. I also provide grief and trauma counseling for all ages.
Alcohol and Substance Abuse

LGBT Support

If you have trouble or fear of accepting your sexual orientation, I will help you come to terms with your sexuality and how it impacts your relationship with other individuals and the society.

Together, we can work with your support system to learn acceptance. I can also use psychoeducational techniques to create an open dialogue.

If medical intervention is needed, I can provide you with referrals to renowned area psychiatrists. You can rely on me for depression and anxiety and ADHD treatment options.
LGBT Counseling

Couple's Therapy

When you have a problem communicating with your partner, I can provide a helping hand as I have been trained in a variety of couple's counseling modalities.

I utilize state-of-the-art marriage treatment theories to help improve you and your better half's relationship.

Even with counseling, not all couples are able to reconcile.

If you and your partner feel you have reached that point, I can also help you reach an amicable separation.
Relationship Management

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