Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling Sessions

Tools to Cope With Your Grief

Grief can result from many different events in your life: the loss of a loved one, a major transition, or even the foreclosure of your home. When you are grieving from a personal loss, contact Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC for assistance.

I will help you work through your grief in a safe and compassionate environment where we will address the root cause of it and develop good coping skills. We will also explore the spiritual side of it, to help you and your support system find comfort.
Grief Counseling

Grief's Effect on PTSD

Post-traumatic stress can stem from an unresolved grief and trauma. While it most commonly affects first responders and military personnel, anyone who has experienced a trauma can experience PTSD.

PTSD is the brain's trauma response, and it can lay dormant until another trauma occurs. Using trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, you and I will work together to overcome your PTSD, because it doesn't have to last forever.
Let the healing begin.
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