Empathetic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Counseling

Acceptance of Your Sexual Orientation

Coming out as a member of the LGBT community is rarely easy, but it's a necessary step in accepting who you are. Joseph Lanzone LCSWR, CASAC is an inclusive therapist who will help you come to terms with your sexuality and how it impacts your relationship with others.

I recognize that there are specific issues around your sexual orientation, and you may need support and validation to cope with those issues. Together, we will work with your support system to learn acceptance.

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Struggles

Some who struggle with accepting their sexual orientation can disguise it through relationship issues or substance abuse. I can help you move forward by treating all aspects of this struggle - acceptance, addiction, and relationship counseling - so you can find hope for the future.

I can also use psychoeducational techniques to create an open dialogue with you about any physical health issues you may face, like HIV or hepatitis, and provide you with referrals if medical intervention is needed.
I can provide you with referrals for health issues. Call
I have lectured at Fordham University and keep up on updated methods
and theories.
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